4 Things To Know About Me Page

Welcome to my about me page. My name is Sandy and I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD around four and a half years ago. I’m a single parent to 5 children but my son is the only one who is living at home. And he has autism.

I would like to help you with…

Resources and support concerning Mental Health. I am familiar with the system well. and have been through it all my children. Now that I am at a better place my goal is to help others fill in the holes where the system isn’t consistent and makes our job as parents and caregivers difficult.

I am really good at…

Advocating and supporting the autism community as well as Mental Health. My co-workers say they don’t know how I can do it at work (I work in an autism support classroom) then go home and continue being the caregiver to my son. It’s safe to say that is my superpower.

Share a testimonial or some credentials to your expertise.

Now that my son is talking more he calls me his hero. So I believe that has to count for something 🙂

Here is a little fun facts about me

  1. I was born in Pa
  2. I give so much of myself so I wake at 3 am every morning for me time.
  3. That’s when I sit and have my coffee with no interruptions It’s like the world stops.
  4. Before my diagnosis, I had a breakdown. and started my therapy. Found out there was a lot more going on in my childhood and teenage days.
  5. I act like nothing bothers me but in all honestly, my heart does break.
  6. When I get stressed I clean the house, or pretty much anything in my sight
  7. My favorite food is pizza Id eat it every day if I could
  8. My goal is to turn my negative story into a positive and that is to help others
  9. I rather watch cartoons than the news.
  10. I am an author of a few book books on amazon.

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