5 things

Eagerly, I give you 5 things I hope to help my audience with.

1. Empower and research resources available for love ones and caregivers with a mental health diagnosis.

My goal is to help others find the material and resources needed to understand and provide support to loved ones with mental illness. I have no credentials of any kind. I’m only a mom who has experienced through my research in helping myself and two of my children. I consider myself still learning.

Always go to a professional to get the best advice for your love ones.

2. Providing material guides and resources.

I will only provide resources by my personal experience and outcome with myself and my children. I may ask professionals to provide information by their knowledge and experience in therapy.

3. Information on support groups

I would love to provide a calendar with valuable information on support groups in the area. I really struggled to find help for my children. So I will do the research for you.

4. Help to understand the laws and inconsistency

Through my issues in finding help for my children. The laws made parenting very difficult to do. For example. A fourteen-year-old can discharge their selves without the parent’s okay from a mental hospital after attempting suicide. But if they did attempt suicide and they were brought into the hospital. Doctors can’t do anything until they get an okay from the parent if they are under 18.

5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With
5. Write a weekly blog post

Weekly or bi weekly posts with valuable information, support and resources so you don’t feel alone.

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