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I couldn’t continue to create Mental Health Support Center without having a page about resources for autism. It just amazes me how their is, much more is out their now than when William was a preschooler.

So to celebrate my son turning 21 next month (December), I felt it would be appropriate to dedicate this page to him on his next transition to adulthood.

My hope is to help support families and caregivers with the many questions and where to go from here after getting that official diagnoses.

Save this page and check back often as new material will be added as I find what will be helpful to you.

autism support resources
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Social Stories and Life Skill Visuals For Autism

Everyday Life Skills Personal Hygiene Skills in the Bathroom Ebook

Personal Hygiene Sensory Strategies Toolkit Freebie

Calm Down Strategies Toolkit for Teens

Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Processing Guide

Communication and Behavior Cards FREE!!!!!!!!!

Schedule, Activity & Task Cards FREE!!!!!!

Labels & Locators Cards FREE!!!!!!!!

Self-Management & Emotional/Behavioral FREE!!!

Behavior Charts, Token Systems & Schedule Cards FREE!!!!

Resource Library From Our Sister site CenterPoint Printables FREE!!!!!!!!!

Life Skills Apps

Kids Washing Laundry Clothes

Kids Washing Dishes – Kitchen

Supermarket Shopping for Kids : Educational Game for kids – FREE

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